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This page is for comments and discoveries about Microsoft Team Foundation Server. This ia a great idea, but I have been having difficulies in getting started. My various posts in the MSDN forum pages have been helpful, but come up quite short in providing usable answers in how to use TFS. TFS Page

These pages contain some of my thoughts on desiging, writing, and testing software. I do not expect sufficient volumes of writing to start a blog so am generating a few relevant pages. Maybe things will change in the future.

With all the current emphasis on new concepts of program development, it seems that some of the fundamentals are being neglected. Some of the items that should be refreshed in our minds include: naming, cohesion, and coupling. These topics will begin my pages on software design and implementation.

The JSF link is to a PDF of the coding standards that are being used for the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.

The two links to Listener Code and Talker Code are Visual Studio 2008 solutions with applications that demonstrate a very simple example of UDP in C#. Each one generates an exe program to be started. After starting both, enter text in the talker and press the Enter key. The listener will catch and display the text you enter. The listener may take a few seconds before catching first message, but should be rather quick after that.

These program have essentially no error checking and no superfluous code that might obscure the essence.

Caution: If you have a cable modem and your computer is directly connected, it might not work. Your IPS doesn’t want you sending broadcast messages anywhere. I have a cable modem but it is connect to a low cost home router and the cable modem connects to its Internet/WAN port, not to my computer. My computer is still set for DHCP and the ISP assigned my IP address (always and the gateway is, but the router gives me a private LAN that I can use for code practicing. I suspect the same applies to DSL modems but have no personal knowledge of that.

The links to CAsyncSocket Parts 1 through 4 are zip files of projects that I created while learning about the Mcrosoft wrapper class CAsyncSocket. They are presented in articles written and posted to www.codeproject.com. Here is a link to one of those articles.
Code Project Article
That article has links to the other four articles.

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