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Excel Macros to Import and Chart Data.


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Home Page:††††† ††††††††††† To the home page of this site

Userís Guide:†† ††††††††††† A userís guide to these macros in Microsoft Word

Userís Guide:†††††††††††††† The same userís guide exported from Word into html for easy viewing

Macro Introduction:† The power point presentation I gave at ITC conference in Las Vegas, October 2007.

ACU Logfile Demo (Excel 2003):† The Excel file containing the macros for Excel 2003.

ACU Logfile Demo (Excel 2010):† The Excel file containing the macros for Excel 2010.

ViaSat 10Hz Log:†††††††† A log file from a ViaSat 3883 Antenna Control Unit.† The macros in the Excel file are set up to import and chart this particular log.† If you want to see them in action, you must have this file.† It is a text file.

This web site contains a set of macros than can be used to import numeric data from a file and build charts. The macros will do all the work of importing the data, building charts, and formatting the charts. If you have built Excel charts, you will know that formatting the charts is very time consuming. These macros will produce the charts with titles and scaling such that they are ready to put in a report or in a presentation. All automatically.

In any given chart there may be from twenty to fifty items that need to be set to make the chart presentable. Obviously, no automated program will create the charts as you prefer. When these macros import the data, they create an Excel page named notes. In this sheet are most of the specifications for laying out the charts. The data is in text format and may be edited as needed. Once you have the data right for a particular type of data, then the charts may be very quickly created for that type of data.

It is worth nothing, that the initial setup for a particular data set may take some time. The macros provided here are tailored for the log file produced by a ViaSat Antenna Control Unit. Converting the macros to another type of data will require some macro programming.

If you need these macros set up for your data, there are several options.

First, feel free to start with the macros that are in the Excel file found on these pages. You may edit and use them as you choose.

Second, if you have a rather simple data file, I may make some simple conversions for you. You will need to send me an email and a set of data. I will expect the right to put them on this site for others to use.

In December of 2010 I updated to Office 2010. The 2003 macros do not run under Excel 2010. The change turned out to be rather simple so the macros now run on my machine with Excel 2010. However, I do note that some of the charted lines have unexpected markers on them. I have not figured out what they are but they do not diminish from the usefulness of the charting macros.

If you wish to contact me about these macros please contact me at the following address: macros shift2 bkelly dotkey ws. Replace the words with the appropriate symbols.

Bryan Kelly, December 2010