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New Update

I created a bulletin board for just for IRIT discussions. The URL is:
Currently it is blocked by the Air Force firewalls. I have not yet been able to get it approved for viewing. If you work with telemetry or are just interested, please sign up and join the discussions. If you find the web site blocked, please fill out the bluecoat form and submit to have the site re-catogorized.
Suggestion for new forum topics are always solicited. Please pass the URL on to anyone that may have an interest.

Main Page

I currently work at Tyndall AFB in northwest Florida as Engineering Support for the Telemetry group. I configure the Wyle G2 telemetry system and the IADS display system and write applications that process telemetry data from various sources to extract information needed by the analysts. A very interesting position.

Thank you for visiting my web site, Michael "Bryan" Kelly October 2016

Alaska Pictures

Pictures taken while spending a month in Cordova Alaska with narrative for each.
In May of 2007, I had the privilege of being part of the tracking team for the FTG-03 launch from Alaska. Although we were there for almost the entire month, we had little time for sight seeing. The pictures on the Alaska 2007 page are my memories from the short trips that we did take.
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Software Pages

Some web pages on software concepts and computer ideas. These pages will always be under development.

Excel Macros

These are some Excel macros I wrote to import and chart data. They were presented at the 2007 ITC in Las Vegas Nevada. You will find an Excel file with the macros, a data file to demonstrate their use, and a user's guide describing them. With some work, they can be adapted to other data sets.


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